Stats Toolbox

    I spend a lot of time thinking about how to streamline the process of generating long, intricate scripts for statistical analyses. One benefit of this is that this helps to make this process more transparent and accessible to my peers, colleagues, and people who are just starting to learn scripting, stats, and coding practices. Here you will find a general collection of tools that I have written that, in one way or another, are designed with these goals in mind.

    Like any toolbox, you will find here that some tools are better than others in form and function, some tools are single-purpose while others more versatile, and some are in the toolbox simply because I just haven't got the heart to get rid of them. Much like my toolbox at home, some tools may not be of use to you, and not all tools that I have made are located on this page; some are in other places where they are more relevant (such as text analysis tools), whereas others are neatly packed away somewhere exclusively for my use. Nevertheless, browse around, borrow anything that you need, and please give any credit where it may be due, either to myself or others.

DISCLAIMER!! By downloading and/or using any of the software on this page, you acknowledge that this software is ONLY A TOOL to help you with your statistical analyses. You are ultimately responsible for ensuring that your analyses are correct. I assume no liability, direct or otherwise, that may result from your use of the software on this page. If you borrow a hammer from my toolbox and then accidentally smash holes in your drywall, it's not my fault :)

The Tools

Many, if not most, of these tools require the .NET framework in order to run. This framework is available for free via Microsoft at the appropriate download page, located here.

2-Level MLM Generator for R (download) - Generates R scripts to run 2-level multilevel linear models. Uses the nlme package.

Linear Mixed Effects Generator (download) - Generates R scripts to run LME models. The script generation process needs to be streamlined so that scripts are less redundant (and thus, smaller), but everything is fully functional.

Multilevel Linear Model Generator (download) - Generates SAS scripts for a specific type of MLM. Scripts may be modified to some gain for different models.

Multiple Linear Regression Generator (download) - Generates R scripts to run simple, 2-predictor multiple linear regressions. Very streamlined.

Repeated-Measures GLM Generator (download) - Generates scripts for repeated-measures GLM (specifically, LME) models in SAS.

SAS Multiple Regression Generator (download) - Generates scripts for simple, 2-predictor multiple linear regression models in SAS.

StringSmoosh! (download) - This is a zippy little tool that drastically reduces the amount of time required in order to get a large spreadsheet of data into separate files  that are intended to be fed into RGCalc.

The Personality Scrubber (download) - This is a tool developed for use in the Robinson Lab at North Dakota State University. The Personality Scrubber generates SAS scripts intended to systematically produce most of the information that one would want to get for certain self-report measures. This is the standalone version (not the private installer version) and, thus, has a specific DLL requirement (download). It may not run on most machines without this DLL.

Oldschool Scrubber (download) - This is a wholly obsolete, older version of what eventually became the Personality Scrubber. It is essentially a very simple batch script that pegs together text files in the same directory. The idea was to have text files for all of the coding schemes that you would want to assemble, then just drop the appropriate ones in an empty folder with a copy of the scrubber, and it would piece them together for you -- no muss, no fuss. I have included a link here largely for posterity and because I have a soft spot in my heart for batch scripting. If you want to apply it to other purposes, be my guest. I've included a few example files just for kicks.


2014-08-22 - Uploaded 2-Level MLM Generator for R (version 1.1.7). Added some code that will ensure your analysis variables are numeric..

2014-07-12 - Uploaded 2-Level MLM Generator for R (version 1.1.6). Fixed yet another bug in the "print output" function (it was missing a bracket).

2014-03-21 - Uploaded 2-Level MLM Generator for R (version 1.1.5). Fixed a bug in the "print output" function. Thanks to Adam Fetterman for the catch!

- Uploaded 2-Level MLM Generator for R (version 1.1.2). Added covariate parm estimates to the script's output function.

- Uploaded Multiple Linear Regression Generator for R (version 1.0.0). Fixed a small bug that could cause the program to fail while generating scripts. Scripts are now slightly more compact / space-efficient.

- Uploaded 2-Level MLM Generator for R (version 1.1.0). Changed some code to help prevent output formatting issues.

- Uploaded 2-Level MLM Generator for R. Fixed some broken links on this webpage.

2013-09-09 - Uploaded the first version of this page, replacing an older, more specific page that only had a few tools available.

This page, all associated software, and all content herein are the intellectual property of Ryan Boyd, copyright 2011-2014. By downloading/using any of the software linked from this page, you are agreeing to the above disclaimer and will not hold me liable for any damages, direct or otherwise, as caused by your use of such software.